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Government Departments:
HK SAR Government Information Centre Hong Kong Government
Emergency Call 999 Emergency call to police, ambulance or fire service
Consumer Council 2929 2222 To protect the interest of consumers
Transport Department 2804 2600 To plan and regulate Hong Kong’s transport systems
Leisure and Cultural Services Department 2414 5555 To provide quality leisure and cultural services, such as sport centers, museums and libraries etc
Hong Kong Tourism Board 2508 1234 To promote Hong Kong as a tourism destination
Hong Kong International Airport 2188 7111 Airport Authority Hong Kong
Immigration Department 2824 6111 Facilitating the visit of travellers and exercising immigration control
Hong Kong Observatory 187 8066 To provide weather forecasting, services in climate, radiation, time standard, seismology, oceanography, astronomy and others
Check the time and weather 18501 English version for checking time and weather
Check the time and weather 18508 Mandarin version for checking time and weather

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